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Hệ thống Minh Đức

  • Minh Duc I

    Address: 37 Xuân Hồng st., Ward 12, Tân Bình District.
    Tel: (028)38 116250

            (028)38 115426

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  • Minh Duc II

    Address: 208 Hai Bà Trưng st, Ward Tân Định , 1st District.
    Tel: (028)38 225416

            (028)38 206466

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  • Minh Duc III

    Address: 183 Ngo Thi Thu Minh st., Ward 2, Tân Bình district.
    Tel: (028)39 918818

            (028)39 918818

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Dear our valuable customers,

Why has our business mantra for 14 years been “everything for your smile”? Is your smile and oral health important? Well, unless your intention is to avoid human contact, a nice smile and good oral health are kind of a big deal nowadays. In this day and age, first impression is important in any social situation. Your smile will mostly determine the success of your first impression on someone. This is why we do “everything for your smile”. At dental clinic Minh Duc, we understand the importance of the first impression and we want to help you perfect your smile to achieve it. Our cosmetic services will transform your smile and help you leave an impressive first impression. Besides cosmetic dentistry, we also provide many other dental services that are designed to keep your teeth healthy. Coming to us, you will be treated with the utmost care by our compassionate dentists and attentive staffs.

Come and you will be confident with your smile.

Also check out … we update monthly on the community service activity committing to serving the less fortunate people in Vietnam. We hope to share with you the social situations and conditions that our people are current living under .